Cozy Caterpillars: 3-4 years
Busy Bees: 4-5 years

We believe children learn best through play to prepare them for Kindergarten.

The early years of education will set the tone for years of learning. We want our preschool children to have a love for learning. With our hands-on teachers and top-notch curriculum, your preschool child will be Kindergarten ready! Our goal is to ensure that our curriculum will encourage creativity and learning in every child. Our teachers are trained to work with every child as they grow at their own individual pace.

Our classrooms are designed to be welcoming and captivating, setting the children up to be curious, energetic, and eager learners. Art, sensory, blocks, language, manipulatives, science, math, and dramatic play areas are all richly enhanced with unique and beautiful loose parts materials that encourage open-ended play. These natural found, and real-life items help provide endless opportunities for children to use their creativity, develop their emerging sense of self, and learn at their own pace. We want children to have a cultured curiosity about the world around them. As they learn more about the world, we will also help them continue their social development. Our preschoolers will learn a variety of social skills needed for future academic success, such as following directions, sharing, thinking of others, and asking permission.

Growth & Development Focus:

Social and emotional development

Letter recognition

Shapes, colors, and pattern recognition

Exploring and sensory development

Early reading and writing skills

Self help skills