Wiggle Worms: 1-2 years
Happy Hoppers: 2-3 years

From potty training to ABC’s; A magical place to share, learn, and grow.

Gaining knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world around them, toddlers are eager, active, and curious learners of the world. We will be by your child’s side to assist them with everyday skills while in our care. The fun and loving environment will also be a place for socialization and education for your toddler.

We allow toddlers to explore developmentally appropriate centers on their own. Our teachers are trained to stay on the same level as our toddlers, allowing them a unique perspective on the daily movements and play habits. We know the importance of a consistent routine, which is why we have a classroom schedule with predictable times for activities and meals. The daily schedule allows our toddlers to learn to adjust to transition between activities. From gross motor activities outside to learning the beginning stages of math and science skills, we help ensure that playtime is learning time.

Growth & Development Focus:

Social interaction and the importance of sharing

Fostering independence through play

Language development

Exploring and sensory development

Self help skills